Monday, 1 January 2018

2017, with love.

2017 will hold a special place in my heart. 
It's the year where, I found my passion. 
It's the year where I started to realise that it does not matter what others have to say about you. 
It's the year where I followed my dreams and ambitions. 
It's the year where I grew fonder and started to love myself more. 
It's the year where I am with you. 

Officially started off my make up business in December, here are my brides; 

1) Emilia Shireen (Nikah)

2) Nana Idris (Engagement)

3) Nazleen ( Nikah)

4) Nazleen (Sanding, touch up nikah same day)

5) Haikal (Nikah)

6) Haikal (Sanding)

 Apart from Bridal Make up, there was also a few event make up;

1) Osheen (Dinner Event- Glam Rock)

2) Hani (Dinner Event- Glam Rock)

3) Najwa (Aqiqah Event- Requested for super light make up)

4) Menda (Dinner Event )

5) Amalina (Dinner Event- Secret Garden)

I also did my first photoshoot make up for online shop; 

I did everyone's make up during the photoshoot.

 Total in all, I did a total of 34 make up hands-on different faces. Which is an achievement for me. Saw how my skills improved also over the year. I could not thanked enough for the people who put their trust on me. Thank you loves 💓. I look forward to paint more faces in 2018.

Till then,
NK 💋

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