Monday, 1 January 2018

Fiqa Hafizi X Huda Mohd Demo & Practical Class

Date: 4th December 2017 (Monday)
Venue: Lowkey Studio, Shah Alam

I been to two demo class, but I felt that it's not enough. I need practical. I need to practise with the supervision of an expert beside me. I need to gain more knowledge. I.need.more.

So, I asked around, from high top professional makeup artist, to the regular "I been in the industry long enough to teach people" makeup artist. I concluded that, I wanted to go to Ferra Rossa, Azni Hadi, Norianafacedesigner  and Fiqa Hafizi personal classes. But with all due respect, money wise, I could only choose either one for this year. Dilemma, dilemma. Hm.

While I was scrolling instagram's explorer. 💡💡💡  Fiqa and Huda will be doing a Demo and Pratical make up class! Ring a ding ding! and and the price is wayy cheaper than one personal makeup class.

So who is Fiqa Hafizi? She was my makeup artist during my bertandang. She did this look on me; 👇

and now who is Huda Mohd? She's one of the top professional makeup artist too! I loveee her art work! Very beautiful. Very neat and clean.

So here are some of the photos from the class;




Models and Participants

The course was RM450, apart from valuable knowledge and information, meeting new mua friends, we also got ourself goodies bag from sponsors which are;


My artwork that day was definitely not my best artwork. I was pressured by my other mua friends there and the time given. Everyone was super talented and been in the industry for quite some time! However, all in all, the knowledge I got that day was worthwhile. Thanks to my teachers, Kak Fiqa and Kak Huda 💜

NK 💋

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